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Hardcover / $20 / 32 pages /
ISBN 978-0-916754-25-9 / fall 2011 / 
12 x 12" / ages 3-11 and above

ebook / $10 / 32 pages /
ISBN tbd / fall 2011 

These neighbors don't give a fig about fences. You see them in your yard, or on city streets. From some you run, but they lived here before you…and are your NEIGHBORS.  
To order these new picture books of short, accessible poems for children, click on 'Contact Us' or 'Buy Now' above. NEIGHBORS is also at www.amazon.com ['Neighbors by George Held")
and at Harbor Books, Sag Harbor, NY; Bookhampton, East Hampton, NY; Teich Toys + Books, New York, NY;   Canio's, Sag Harbor, NY; and the South Fork Natural History Museum, Bridgehampton, NY.
GEORGE HELD, poet and writer, has served on the board of the South Fork Natural History Museum in Bridgehampton, New York, since 1991. He has published fifteen volumes of poetry, including a trilogy of chapbooks on nature themes, and his work has been read by Garrison Keillor on NPR's "The Writer's Almanac." A graduate of Brown, with a Ph.D. from Rutgers, he was a Fulbright lecturer and is a former professor at Queens College, City University of New York. He lives in New York and Sag Harbor.
JOUNG UN KIM, illustrator and designer, is a graduate of the Rhode Island School of Design. She has illustrated many picture books for children, including 
The Grasshopper Hopped and Hen Hears Gossip. 
She lives in Southern California.
​Agent:  Jane Feder

Matteo Bologna, Mucca Design
Bryan Canniff, Bryan Canniff Designs

Hardcover / $20 / 32 pages /
ISBN 978-0-916754-25-9 / 
December 2011 / 12" x 12" / 
ages 3-11 and above. 
eBook / $9.99 / out in 2016.
NEIGHBORS  The Yard Critters
"The book arrived and it's so grand and charming.
I think of all the possibilities of yard critters, depending on where you live, and I know that this is a great launch. I look forward to the next one." -- from Washington state
"Ohhhh! I want this for my 2nd grade classroom! Very appropriate since I just saw a huge deer in my urban backyard this morning!" -- from Georgia
"My nephew LOVES your book 'Neighbors'…And those pictures! -- from Basel, Switzerland
The Water Critters was published on 
January 14, 2015.
Hardcover / $20 / 32 pages /
ISBN 978-0-916754-26-6 / 
January 2013 / 12" x 12" / 
ages 3-11 and above. 
eBook / $9.99 / out in 2016.
​Hardcover / $15 / 32 pages /
ISBN 978-0-916754-35-8 / 
September 29, 2014 / 6" x 9" / 
ages 2-6 
eBook / $9.99 / 2015.

This fantasy picture book is the story of a tiny motherless lamb, her adventures, and how she is given her very odd name. It's the story of her human "stepmothers," who draw and paint the little lamb, and how the lamb sees herself as she learns many life lessons. Based on the story of a real sheep in northern California, it features her relationships with other animals, a vineyard, and her beautiful wool. A special readership for the book may be adopted and / or foster children who can identify with the sheep...and all children may be encouraged to see what is special or beautiful about themselves. With watercolor, acrylic, and watercolor pencil illustrations in a variety of styles by a variety of artists. 

PEGGY HUTH, author/artist, lives in the Sierras in California surrounded by the forest and animals that share that magical space with her. Part of a local group of artists, she is also represented in collections throughout the U.S. and Europe. This is her first children's book.

BRYAN CANNIFF, designer,works in New York, where he has created many books and magazines for publishers such as Hearst, McGraw-Hill, and the Museum of Modern Art. He was a design consultant on the children's picture book series, NEIGHBORS.